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I had an abortion and I’m really struggling to cope!

Whether you have had an abortion recently or many years ago, often it can be an extremely painful emotional experience, an experience you might not have been prepared for.

After an abortion, sometimes life can seem overwhelming and often many women feel depressed, helpless or have a sense of guilt, shame or remorse. Some others may suffer from dreams or flashbacks about the abortion itself or the baby. Loss, grief and even emptiness are just a few of the emotions that some people can struggle with after an abortion.

Time to heal

At Pregnancy Choices Centre we offer a programme called ‘Time to Heal’, which gives you the opportunity to talk about your experience in a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space. Our hope is that as we sit down together to unpack what’s going on inside your head and your heart, that you will be able to find understanding, healing and peace with regards to your abortion.

The ‘Time to Heal’ programme runs for ten weeks in total with the same trained practitioner who will support you on this journey, so please do reach out and we can start this programme of healing together.

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